News on Supercritical Fluids


GREENERING project kick off

GREENERING acronym for “Green Chemical Engineering Network towards upscaling sustainable processes”  is a new EU COST Action gathering over 70 research teams from 28 countries. It has been launched on Oct 2019 in Brussels . Sup Eng, as the group leader of the team focused on opportunities for implementation of green processes at industrial scale will be deeply involved.

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Supercritical Drying: It’s time to beat the black box

Keey Analytical presents a new analytical drying system designed for supercritical drying.

  • Understanding supercritical drying of aerogels and porous materials
  • Producing significant sample of material with on line characterization
  • Taking profit of KEEY assistance and expertise in understanding and scaling up the process

Firmenich acquires CO2 Extraction Technology Unit from Evonik

11/2019 Firmenich, the world’s largest privately-owned perfume and taste company, has acquired the CO2 extraction business from Evonik Industries AG located in Trostberg, Germany. This acquisition significantly expands Firmenich’s capabilities in super critical fluid extraction (SFE), complementing its Naturals Centre of Excellence in Grasse, France. With more than 30 years of experience in botanical raw material extraction the CO2 business of Evonik will enhance Firmenich’s ability to address customers’ growing demand for authentic, natural taste and scent experiences. CO2 extraction offers the safest, cleanest, and highest-quality method of extracting natural botanical molecules, from flowers and nuts to coffee and tea.

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Supercritical Fluid Resource Guide

Sup Eng is editing an interactive guide providing a very compete list of labs and companies working with supercritical fluids.

The entries can be sorted by organization, field and type of activities, countries, type of competences, resources, size.

First issue will be edited soon. If you want your organization to be added, please fill and send us for our information form !