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SUP ENG – the CO2 and supercritical fluid specialist

Jean-Yves Clavier : Experience – Independence- Expertise

SUP ENG was created at the end of 2016 by Dr. Jean-Yves CLAVIER, with the aim of helping companies to be more efficient in their R&D and industrialization projects and by using: CO2, Supercritical Fluid and High Pressure technology.

With an extensive experience of process engineering in these areas since 1990 Dr. Jean-Yves CLAVIER has been working at Separex for more than 20 years with Prof Michel Perrut’s team, first in R&D and process development, then developing and leading High Pressure Equipment design and construction activity and finally managing SEPAREX company.

The creation of SUP ENG in 1996 was a perfect opportunity for Jean-Yves CLAVIER to be independent, giving the best of his experience, his knowledge and his expertise in engineering to use the potential of supercritical fluid technology where it can be useful.

Why Working with SUP ENG will help you ?

Sup Eng is independent of any R&D team and any equipment manufacturer.

We will :

  1. speed up your projects defining the right approaches, specifying each step to achieve the best performances,
  2. when necessary, help you choose and network with the best universities and companies working in this sector,
  3. help you negotiating the best prices and conditions,
  4. advise and follow up your R&D work, optimize your processes, assist in the design, the start-up and the industrialization of your products.
  5. Use a professional process engineering approach and methodology

Just look at the range of our products and services !

What will SUP ENG and Supercritical Fluid Technology bring you ?

Innovative Solutions: Supercritical fluids, especially supercritical CO2, have unique properties that bridge the gap between liquids and gases. An expert consultant can exploit these properties to develop new solutions for material extraction, reactions and processing that are not possible with conventional methods.

Environmental benefits: Working with a consultant specializing in supercritical fluid technology often means engaging in processes with a lower environmental impact. Supercritical CO2 is non-toxic, non-flammable and can come from industrial by-products, making processes cleaner and more sustainable.

Improved efficiency: A consultant’s specialist knowledge can lead to process efficiency optimizations. Supercritical fluids have high diffusivity and low viscosity, which can increase mass transfer rates and potentially reduce processing time and energy consumption.

Highly Selective Processes: An expert consultant can fine-tune supercritical fluid process conditions such as temperature and pressure to achieve high selectivity in extraction and purification. This can be particularly important in the pharmaceutical and food industries, where pure, high-quality products are required.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Supercritical fluid technology is at the forefront of innovation in various industries, from pharmaceuticals to materials science. Working alongside a consultant in this field offers the exciting opportunity to participate in the latest technological advances and contribute to groundbreaking research and development.

Supercritical fluid technology offers a blend of fascinating scientific principles and practical, industry-changing applications, making collaboration with an expert in the field a truly stimulating experience.

Values of SUP ENG and Jean-Yves Clavier

We believe in the values of team spirit, we think that differences make the value of people and that commitment, trust and respect for these differences and for each other’s freedom will be the basis of our relationship. We are always trying to build long-term collaboration in a win-win spirit.

This will help you create new ideas together and make your project a success.

To know more about me, you can access to my LinkedIn profile.