Supercritical Fluid Applications

Supercritical Fluid applications on natural products, bio materials, textiles dyeing are now widely accepted and widespread in the world. The well known example of extraction of caffeine with supercritical CO2 from coffee beans is used for more than 30 years at large scale.

Today, supercritical fluids applications are efficiently used in industry in :

    • food, nutraceuticals
    • perfumes aroma and cosmetics,
    • pharmaceutical (reaction, purification, formulation), medical device purification and cleaning
    • textile dying, modification
    • electronic, wafer cleaning, deposition
    • materials :
      • aerogel drying for insulation, drug delivery, catalyst,
      • ceramic powder manufacturing, ceramic debinding,
      • porous material drying, modification, treatment,
      • nano material production crystallization, precipitation, coating in CO2 or by hydro-thermal synthesis in supercritical water
      • innovative materials manufacturing,
    • waste treatment (polymers, electronics, carbon fiber, toxic wastes), valuable waste recycling applications,
    • polymer purification, modification, grafting, impregnation, coating, loading, recycling
    • energy production, heat exchange, enhance oil recovery

And everywhere when the objective is:

  • to reduce solvent consumption or emissions,
  • to innovate to produce new products with better qualities or more economical products,
  • to use more environmentally friendly and sustainable processes.

Sup Eng conducts reviews on applications and is proposing :

  • R&D surveys,
  • market analysis,
  • applications notes detailing the potential of the technology for your products and your application.

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