Sup Eng invests in a new High Pressure and Supercritical Fluid Visualization system

Sup Eng recently built and installed in its lab a new sapphire cell system for full media visualization and for thermodynamic measurements in supercritical fluids and in high pressure conditions. Equipped with a transparent jacket or immersed in a hot water bath for precise temperature control, it is designed with sampling systems and operated either in batch or continuously mode.

It will be used for new process developments like:

– Measurement of equilibrium data to be introduced in our process simulation suite SIM FIT.

– Determination of optimal process conditions allowing for instance to set good separation or precipitation conditions like for instance in the dewaxing process.

– Observing and quantifying phenomena like beads fluidization used in some coating or drying processes.

Sapphire cell for supercritical fluid process visualization
Sapphire cell for supercritical fluid process visualization