Innovation and R&D Services

On the innovation and R&D side of your development, Sup Eng will help you to take the best track for a quick process development with supercritical fluids. We have both access to R&D units, simulation software, original and valuable data bases, and we have close links with many specialists in all R&D domains of the technology.

We can :

Explore ideas through bibliography reviews, scientific and technological monitoring and intelligence service, IP protection support

Define and conduct laboratory or pilot-scale tests. We can be part of your team for advising,  organizing or conducting the tests for you. It will lead to expert process optimization, determination of scale up data and economical evaluation of your project.

– Carry out numerical simulation of the process either for understanding or for process performance or economical optimization

Organize first large scale productions and toll processing campaigns to produce the first significant amounts of your products, prove real quality and properties and start quickly before organizing your own production.