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We are always trying to be be flexible adapting our service to your needs and we will propose only the service where we both think that we can add value.

Our supercritical fluid consultancy products and services

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Supercritical Fluid Equipment Design and Supply

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    Fields of activities

    SUP ENG has references in many fields of activities ; food and ingredients, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, cosmetic industry, perfumes and aroma, oil and gas, energy, new material, green chemistry,  high pressure equipment manufacturers.


    We have worked on many processes : extraction, reactions, continuous purifications and chromatographic processes, sterilisation, impregenation and formulation processes, energy conversion and storage, fluid properties determination, etc…


    With Sup Eng, you have access to highly qualified and independent expertise in all fields of supercritical fluids and high pressure applications, allowing you to work effectively in a transparent team spirit, giving you the freedom to adapt your project to your objectives. This support will make a difference.