About Us

SUP ENG was created at the end of 2016 by Dr. Jean-Yves CLAVIER, with the aim of helping companies to be more efficient in their R&D and industrialization projects and by using: Supercritical Fluid and High Pressure technology.

With an extensive experience of process engineering in these areas since 1990 and networking with many of the best universities and companies working in this sector, we can speed up your projects defining the right approaches, specifying each step to achieve the best performances, helping you negotiate the best prices and conditions, advising you and following up your R&D work, optimizing processes, and assisting in the design, the start-up and industrialization of your products.

Sup Eng is independent of any R&D team and equipment manufacturer.

We believe in the values of team spirit, we think that differences make the value of people and that respect for these differences and for each other’s freedom will be the basis of our relationship. We are always trying to build long-term collaboration in a win-win spirit.

This will help you create new ideas together and make your project a success.

To know more about me, you can access to my LinkedIn profile.